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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EI Solutions Aqua Comprise Fucogel 1000

Brand: EI Solutions

Product: Aqua Comprise Fucogel 1000

Price: $77

Link To Product: EI Solutions

What It Does: Contains 90% or more Fucogel 1000 polysaccharide, a natural moisturizing ingredient extracted from fruits and vegetables, and provides ample moisture and comforts sensitive skin as the sugar component protects the skin from the environment.

Scent: pleasant -- the "expensive" sweet smell of many high end cosmetics

Texture: Dewy gel

How To Use: Place 3~5 drops on applicator and mix well before applying to face.

Review: At first I was a little confused as to exactly what this product was -- it landed somewhere between a serum and moisturizer -- a moisturizing serum?  I guess it would be most comparable to what the Asians call "essence."  It's a dewy gel with a very pleasant smell -- a "high end" sweetness -- with moisturizing properties.  I put a few drops on my fingertips and pat it onto my skin before applying moisturizer.  It left my skin super moisturized and dewy and helped my moisturizer sink in better.  It's also supposed to sooth and protect sensitive skin.  Although it feels and smells amazing I'm not sure the fucogel is a necessary step in your skin care routine -- at the price I would rather invest in a better serum.