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Saturday, May 21, 2011

BRTC Blemish Recover Balm

Brand: BRTC

Product: Blemish Recover Balm 

Price: $39

Link To Product: BRTC

What It Does: Designed for acne prone/troubled skin, this BB cream helps control oil/ sebum production, gives “prefect cover,” sooths inflamed skin, and keeps skin matte and moisturized.  

Scent: n/a

Texture: thick & creamy

Review:  This BB cream is an actual bb cream -- aka blemish balm that is made for acne-prone skin that works to "recover" your skin and clear up blemishes.  It's a little bit thicker than other bb creams and almost gives the effect of foundation but you'll have to spend a little extra time blending -- although I like that fact that it has a little more coverage than other bb creams.  The color is a bit grayish and it definitely makes your face look a little pale which could be a bonus if you're going for the white-skinned-Korean-celebrity look.  Although this bb cream is formulated for oily skin, I did find my face getting a little shinier than usual -- but nothing a quick setting with powder can't fix.  The packaging is no frills and certainly not as cute as some of the other brands out there but BRTC makes some of the better bb creams so the product is high in quality.  It's recently been reformulated to contain SPF 28 and is definitely one to try for all you bb cream collectors.