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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Skin 79 The Prestige BB Cream

Brand: Skin 79

Product: The Prestige BB Cream

Price: $25.00

Link To Product: SKIN79

What It Does: This multi-functional bb cream is effective in whitening the skin, improving wrinkles, cultivating brighter and more elastic skin, and intercepts UV rays to to protect your skin from the sun.

Scent: None

Texture: light and creamy

Review: First of all I think Skin79 makes some of the best BB Creams.  I like how they have the same quality basic formula in all their products but have customized bb creams for all types of skin.  The Prestige BB Cream is part of Skin 79's "Diamond Collection".  It comes in a beautiful pale pink rectangular jar with a pump for easy use.  It claims to have three functions -- wrinkle improvement, whitening, and UV protection (SPF 25 PA++), and also contains diamond powder for moisture and radiance.

 The formula is light and creamy, easy to blend, and doesn't have a grey cast like other BB Creams.

 It does leave a very slight hint of shimmer on the skin -- perhaps it's all those diamond particles lol!
The color is slightly light but adjusts to your skin color after a few minutes.  The coverage is good -- a little more than a tinted moisturizer -- but can be applied more lightly or heavily to your taste.

 The Prestige BB Cream is actually surprisingly moisturizing and leaves my skin dewy all day.  Since I don't wear makeup every day, I can't say much for the formula's wrinkle improvement and whitening properties but I like to leave that job to my skin care products anyways.  I will say that my complexion is definitely brighter, but I do recommend dabbing it with powder through out the day because it can get a bit shiny.


MargieK said...

I would buy it just for the pretty pink packaging!

Katie said...

I love Skin79 bb creams! It looks like it blends in perfectly on you.

Marxie ♔ said...

This is my favorite bb cream. The coverage is sheer but I like how it makes my face glow. :)

ChinaDoll said...

I've been reading a lot of beautiful reviews about this bb cream. I might consider buying this because of the dewy effect it has :)

Liz said...

Thank you for the review I've been thinking getting a new bb cream so I wanna try this one out.

Harshleen@BeautyTidbits said...

Found your blog looking for a bb cream review.......following you now! Will try out this bb cream as it sounds really nice. ..