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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Fruity Giveaway

Welcome to my first giveaway!  I gathered a few of my favorite fruity beauty products to create a delicious fruit basket of goodies.   Please enter via the form below.

This giveaway will include:

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack

NYX Fruit Basket Lip Gloss

Skin Food Peach Sake BB Cream

Baviphat Mango Brightening Mask

Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek in berry
Philosophy Papaya Passion Punch
Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Bath

Giveaway ends June 30th.

Must be a GFC Follower (1 entry)

Additonal Entries:
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Mizuki said...

Your form is incomplete, so i'm going to leave links here.

following via GFC as Mizuki/Bárbara Robalo
my email:
networked blogs as Bárbara Gomes (Facebook)
bloglovin' email:

Anonymous said...

Hello. I've filled the form up.
Here's my email:
Thanks! ^_^

Facebook Name: Ebookery Wall
Networked blogs: followed via facebook (ebookery wall)
Bloglovin': I followed you here, but I dont know what link to give you. :s
I just created bloglovin..@_@

Anonymous said...

following via GFC: Joana Raquel
networked blogs as Joana Raquel (Facebook)
bloglovin' email:

sweetandhappylife said...

there was no space in your comment form for the networked blogs and bloglovin' details so il just post here

GFC sweetandhappylife
networked blogs as sheena marie r. flores
bloglovin' email:

aida said...

Already filled up the form.

Followed via GFC: aida




I dont know how to place this giveaway on my blog's sidebar.

FOllowed via Networked blogs:

Name: Aida Villanueva
Thanks Hope to win! said...

me wana winnnn !!!

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

bloglovin': azhezha

thanks for this yummy giveaway dear ;p
sarahazhezha at gmail dot com

Reika Amakura said...

for the links..

GFC: dark_oracle21
facebook name (for network blogs): Thea Claudette Plete
bloglovin email:

liz said...

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me and everyone :)

Liz Secret Rendezvous

Pinkk Candy said...

hello from Portugal!^^

i am participatig too =)

my email is


AmysBeautyWorld said...

Hi thankyou for holding this contest ^^ i really want to win it , but i also wish everyone goodluck ^_~ , so goodluck!

additional information:
contact email:
Liked you on facebook with the name: Amy Choi
bloglovin email:

thankyouu & byee have lovely day!


adeline L said...

hello, to check up my facebook name is : adeline legrand


Olirenza said...

There's no space to include link for Bloglovin so I'm writting this here.
GFC: Olirenza
My mail:

Fairydust24 said...

Hi, I'm Fairydust24 and Adele Baxter on GFC and just liked you on fb, and tweeted your comp (!/Tinkerbell0905) so I have 3 entries so far. May do more in morning such as a blog post. When does your comp close? xxx

Fairydust24 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fairydust24 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fairydust24 said...

Oh when i click on the bloglovin link you've left I'm following you there too as you come up blogs i'm following list. And I've just done the blog post:

So that's 8 entries?

My email address is:


Paola said...


kimchigirl111 said...

Hi this is for my entry as kimchigirl111 (after filling up your form)

following on networked blogs as Rachel Tan [Facebook]
following on bloglovin as cookiedoughpineapplehearts at gmail dot com

xXxMiankalovesRobxXx said...

I've done the form my email is xxx

Ashley said...

I filled out the form as well...

GFC Name: Ashley
Liked: GlamNoLabelz
Networked blogs: GlamNoLabelz
Bloglovin: GlamNoLabelz

My BeautyScope said...

Hello! Thank you for this contest! This is some additional information:

contact : mybeautyscope[at]gmail[dot]com
Liked you on FB: Loryna Pergola

Thank you!!

Laurita mommy, wife, woman :) said...

hope my entriies are ok:) can you please confirm..thanks:)

CHarm Ming said...

GFC: CHarm (CHarmonee)
Facebook: CHarm Ming
Placed in sidebar:


maryjadeanne said...

I filled out the form. Please confirm. Thanks again!

Bubbly Mochi said...

cute giveaway~

Inside Star's Heart said...

Great event! i submitted my entry ;3 hope to win.

aldelei89 said...

Great giveaway! :) i love fruity products too! :D

additional info! :)

following via GFC as aldelei89


networked blogs as Aldelei Lumapas (facebook)

"Liked" product whore on FB as Aldelei Lumapas

posted in FB as status:

bloglovin': deLai-Lah

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely giveaway!

Joey said...

Thanks for this generous giveaway! The items are all very cute.

Btw, just to let you know that there is a mistake with the link to Follow you on Bloglovin. You accidentally typed in Blogger, I think :)
Still, I used the link on your sidebar so that's fine :)

Karen Mae Bautista said...

Thank you

nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

Sweet As Honey Blog said...

Thank you!

Lisa said...

Joined now before this ends :D. Thank you very much for this giveaway! Good luck to us!

lisaquidlat at yahoo dot com

Jane Yoo said...



Polka Mlle said...

Joined twitter after I entered, would it be possible to add a tweet to my entry? (Sorry for the hassle!)

GFC - Polka Mademoiselle
Twitter - @polkamlle
Blog Lovin' -!/PolkaMlle/status/89273956669984768

glimmo said...

i followed
GFC : glimmo
networkedblogs: fatema gill
facebook name: Fatema gill
bloglovin email:

Anonymous said...

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